Weddings are perfect occasions to dress your best. But when pressed for time and maybe even resources, one can’t help but consider Ready to Wear options in lieu of custom-fit dapperness. But what if you could get custom-fit service out of a design you can choose on line with the assurance of not looking like you got it off-the-rack? (Shoulder lines and cuff lines are dead giveaways of a perfect fit, guys! And every shoulder and arm length is unique!)

Luckily for me, BarongsRUs can do just that! A simple click on their website, a few flicks on barong choices, a quick message on their inbox followed by a 6-minute instruction on how to get the measurements right and viola!

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Order placed and husband’s Barong was delivered weeks ahead of the wedding date! Perfect fit. Quality design. Reasonable price!
Could you imagine how this kind of service would benefit would-be brides and grooms?

Custom made barong tagalog

Custom made barong tagalog

I think I want to get married again! And this is how tedious BarongsRUs gets with trying to ensure they have the exact measurements! Such expertise can only be acquired through years of experience! And that’s not to take anything away from being personally being attended to! This actually made me feel like I was part of the making of my husband’s barong! Yes, I did the measurements myself and it came out perfect.