The great thing about the Filipiniana is that it is adaptable and flexible, so it can be matched with modern clothing resulting in better movement for the wearer. Moreover, the Filipiniana challenges the set beliefs of traditional society of what a woman should or should not wear. This is seen in the barongs that were originally meant for men, which are now being created and made accessible for women. Nevertheless, the main obstacle still stays: it may be difficult for some to view the Filipiniana differently from the typical formal wear.

A hurdle in incorporating the Filipiniana into your everyday look is that it is perceived by a few as being only fit for Philippine cultural activities or more formal events. But what is fashion but trying to be more experimental and adventurous? With classic Filipiniana seamlessly matched with modern clothing, the woman of today can easily integrate the traditional designs into her closet and daily fashion.

Although the Filipiniana is usually associated with traditional wear, times are changing. Fashioning the Filipiniana to something more modern can make it more stylish and chic, without losing the grace and elegance connected with the traditional Filipiniana. Modernizing traditional Filipiniana has started the path towards integrating the Filipiniana into everyday wear.

So how can you style your traditional Filipiniana into something more modern? Check out how to with these fashion tips. Next thing you’ll know, you’re transforming traditional looks not just into something more trendy, but something that would stand the test of time.

Having a Casual Day Out

Barong Tagalog

Match this classic ivory organza kimona made with organza with a basic or modern bottom like pants, jeans, trousers, and the like. The kimona, with embroidered flowers and three fourths bell sleeves, lend your look a feminine feel.

If you just want to go shopping, put on the kimona, don a relaxed pair of trousers, and choose a pair of slip-ons. And voila! You have a comfortable and low-key outfit on the go.

For a date at the park or even a movie, tuck the kimona into a pair of high waisted denim or linen shorts. This would be perfect for a casual day or night out with that special someone.

Working that Office Attire

Barong Tagalog

Show off this mestiza bolero at the office instead of sporting the typical blazer or cardigan expected out of most office wear. This gold bolero with standing collar and butterfly sleeves may seem intimidating to some, but give it a try and you’ll find that your plain office attire looks much more put together, not to mention, interesting. Match it with a fit tank top and some square trousers or a blouse and slim slacks.

Barong Tagalog

The barong is an example of how men’s Filipiniana wear is now being taken over by women. This burgundy ladies’ barong with front packet collar, three fourths semi bell sleeves, and a semi fitted shape can come in any and all flattering colors, as with most ladies’ barongs nowadays. Worn in a both modern yet professional way, the ladies’ barong can be matched with a pencil skirt instead of the usual big skirts (which are usually saved for more formal events). Since your barong is your attire’s show stopper, the simple and minimal look of the fitted pencil skirt will make you look chic and poised, yet at the same time highlighting your barong in the process. The sheer and airy, yet structured style of this barong works great with a pencil skirt that hugs you from your waist down, creating a pretty silhouette. You can choose to wear high heels or stilettos if you want to feature your legs as well. Match the barong and pencil skirt with a handbag during the day and a clutch in the evening if you have a date after work.

Setting Up a Party Look

Barong Tagalog

The traditional Filipiniana may look a bit too formal for a party, but when you partner the alampay with a tank top or a spaghetti strap top with jeans, you have a cool and interesting look as a result! This becomes all the more apparent with the inspired lavender color and the piña organza fabric used in this alampay, when matched with more modern fabrics like your tank top and jeans.

Embracing the Filipiniana Gown in All Its Glory

Barong Tagalog

The timeless Filipiniana gown can still be more modern if styled a certain way. But first, pick a gown that would fit you well and one where you’re going to feel comfortable and confident. You don’t even have to be confined to just a dress.

For this formal floor length spaghetti strapped gown, mix it up a bit by using a wrap with more texture or accessories that are more modern and unexpected.

Going All in with the Accessories

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And speaking of accessories, accessorizing your traditional Filipiniana wear into a modern one can be accomplished by simply adding jewelry, real or costume. Though it’s typical thought that accessories come in at the final stage of your styling, think again. Filipiniana accessories can stand on their own. When they are used the right way, they can even serve as the statement piece of your entire outfit.

Consider wearing pearl necklaces in different shapes, diamond rings with finer details, and the like. Many options are available! See how the pearls in this round collared beige three fourths sleeved kimona with alampay just works.

Traditional Filipiniana can evolve into something more modern if you become more creative with your mixing and matching skills. The kimona, the barong, the bolero, the alampay, and the formal gown can be transformed into present day fashion when you combine it with jeans, shorts, skirts, accessories, etc., showing diversity in your thinking and your fashion sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a movie, heading out on a date, or going to the office or a party, using the Filipiniana as an eye catching piece is not just fashionable, but easy if you know how to go about it!