Barong Tagalog has always been a timeless, classical piece of clothing that Filipinos are proud of. From then to now, it still makes a sophisticated appearance in events of all kinds. From weddings to graduation ceremonies, and even corporate events, barong Tagalogs are still on top of the formal attire game. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that this is a good piece of investment. Given its timeless nature, a barong Tagalog will never go out of style.

If you are planning to buy and invest in one, you might consider opting for custom-made or something ready-to-wear depending on what will best suit your taste and needs.

Pick and go

barong Tagalog


Ready-to-wear barong Tagalogs are perfect for individuals who would love to invest in a classy piece of clothing but don’t have the luxury of time on their hands. If this is you, don’t worry! You can still express your sense of style as you choose from a wide range of perfectly crafted barong Tagalogs that you can buy.

This is also the best option for those willing to spend only a specific amount of money but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. Since this kind of barong Tagalog is ready to be worn, it is more cost and time-efficient.

Taking into consideration that it is pre-made, you just need to be mindful of choosing sizes. Remember that one of the key things to ensuring your formal attire looks extraordinary is if it fits you perfectly. The good thing is, if you ever need to alter anything to make your outfit 100% flawless, you can always take your barong Tagalog to your local seamstress for fixing.

Tailor fit for you

pre-made barongs


If you’re someone who is all about the intricate details of your barong Tagalog and is particular about how you want it to fit and look, your best bet is to order something that is custom-made. This way, you have a say on how it will be put together and designed.

As you customize your order, you can choose the kind of collar, cuffs, fabric to be used, and many others. Aside from this, you can provide accurate measurements to ensure that there is little to no need for alteration when your barong Tagalog arrives.

One of the things that you need to look out for when purchasing a custom-made barong Tagalog is the turnaround time for the order to be placed, made, and delivered. Taking into consideration the specifics of the piece, it might take up to a few weeks for it to be shipped. There is also no fixed price for your barong Tagalog. Most of the time, the price varies primarily from the design/style, bigger than usual in size and kind of fabric used.

Your choice

In the end, it all boils down to what you need. If you are someone who doesn’t like delving into the littlest details and likes things to be done in one go, you can easily choose a ready-to-wear barong Tagalog while saving time and money. But if you’re someone who takes their time to make sure everything is done according to their preferences, customizing is the way to go!

Here at BarongsRUs, ordering custom-made barong Tagalogs is made easy as we have all the details you need to provide on the checkout page. As you choose from the custom designs, the price is also updated so you can also keep an eye out on your working budget. We are always willing to help and assist you depending on what you need. This way, styling and making your barong Tagalog one of a kind is easy and hassle-free.