Let’s be real.

Not everyday do we get to see people wearing Filipinianas and barongs. It has been part of culture and tradition that these vintage staples are only worn during special events such as Araw ng Wika, political parties and events. And that’s pretty much it – the Filipiniana and barong never see the light of day on a daily basis.

Clothing and fashion are signifiers of one’s identity. They are the social fabric of society, as well as markers of cultural beliefs and historical change. Filipiniana clothing such as the Maria Clara gown, the terno, and cultural dress – even the barong – have played important roles in the heritage of the Philippines. Many historical books and museum records mark the evolution of the Filipiniana and barong clothing and how it has shaped personal and community identities of the country.

This 2022, let’s see how the millennials have reinterpreted the Filipiniana and barong for daily casual wear. Let’s see how Filipinos give a modern twist to culture and tradition.

Custom Made Barong Tagalog,


Photo courtesy of shelialynong

Linggo ng Wika is definitely the perfect occasion to wear a Filipiniana, and that’s exactly what Instagram user @shelialynong did. She wore a small barong Tagalog outfit that fits her small frame just right during an online Linggo ng Wika program at home.

wearing a Filipiniana


Photo courtesy of jitpolera_ayjell

When it comes to wearing a Filipiniana, we’ve all come to know it as the “Maria Clara” dress. But for Instagram user @jitpolera_ayjell, her take on the traditional Filipiniana screams chic and rebel, finishing off her red dress with some comfy white sneakers.

Filipino Traditional Dresses


Photo courtesy of @imchesko

If you were to wear a barong Tagalog, how would you wear it and where? For Instagram user @imchesko, his version of a modern day barong involves plaid and organdy. It’s truly a fashion lookbook worth snapping, right? It’s the perfect look for the groom and their groomsmen. What do you think of this look?

PH Traditional Dress for Women


Photo courtesy of @cecillequibodcastro

For newscaster and Instagram user @cecillequibodcastro, Pinay power dressing “means wearing the barong in a modern and feminine way”. And she did. During one of her anchor moments, she was snapped wearing a modern day version of a barong with a feminine and chic twist. Definitely a #PinayPower, indeed.

Filipiniana Dress, Gowns, and Sets


Photo courtesy of @ohitsria

Who says you can’t wear a Filipiniana with pants or trousers? For Instagram user @ohitsria, she casually paired her Filipiniana with some neutral pants giving off that stylish flair. It’s her third public event and she definitely turned heads, don’t you think?

If you’re looking for modern day ternos worn by famous celebrities, you can get inspiration from Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo and Heart Evangelista who wore their ternos with a stylish and contemporary twist. Have you worn a Filipiniana or barong Tagalog lately? How do you incorporate it into your daily casual wear?

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