Getting married is probably every girl’s dream out there – of course, it’s a once in a lifetime day to become a princess and marry your prince charming, right? With getting married, however, comes the stress of looking for the “perfect dress” that will exude your bridal aura. If you’re looking for a bridal dress that expresses your individuality, then you can never go wrong with a modern Filipiniana wedding gown.

Modern Filipiniana-style wedding gowns are a welcome addition to the modern-day bride’s collection. As the most exotic and traditional wedding dresses, these styles appeal to both Western and Filipina brides alike. The timeless beauty of a classic Filipiniana wedding dress adds a hint of glamor and romance to every part of your ceremony. They are perfect for enhancing photos as well as a witnessing event. In fact, even if you have no plans of making your wedding into a huge event, you can always add some more charm to it with the help of these beautiful fashion pieces!

Plus, it’s not just the fact that this variety of Filipino wedding gown is a symbol of your cultural heritage that makes it perfect for contemporary brides.

custom-made Filipiniana dresses for brides-to-be
custom-made Filipiniana dresses for brides-to-be

Here at BarongsRUs, we’ve also been able to deliver custom-made Filipiniana dresses for brides-to-be. For us, weddings are considered to be a perfect occasion wherein people come together to celebrate a couple’s union as husband and wife. It’s just rightfully fitting that everything becomes perfect, including the bride and groom’s outfits.

If you’re looking for a modern-day bridal dress inspiration, here are a few Filipiniana-inspired outfits that will look amazing for your future wedding:

Janella Salvador in a regal Michael Leyva dress.

Filipino Traditional Dresses

Photo courtesy of superjanella

For brides looking for a regal-looking dress that will exude class, minimalism and glamor, you can opt for a similar Michael Leyva dress worn by Filipina actress, Janella Salvador, during the ABS-CBN ball back in 2019.

Sarah Lahbati turns heads in a Filipiniana-inspired Mark Bumgarner dress.

Photo courtesy of sarahlahbati

What makes a stunning bride? A classic bridal dress that highlights your elegance and beauty. Take inspiration from former bride-to-be (and now wife to Richard Guiterrez), Sarah Lahbati-Guiterrez, who wore a Filipiniana-inspired Mark Bumgarner dress at the ABS-CBN ball back in 2019. The stunning piece was designed with some butterfly sleeves for that modern take on terno dressing.

Julia Barretto in head-to-toe Filipiniana-inspired dress by Rajo Laurel.

Filipiniana Dress, Gowns, and Sets

Photo courtesy of juliabarretto

If you’re on the hunt for a head-to-toe Filipiniana dress that’ll fit perfectly for your wedding day, look no further than Julia Barretto’s Rajo Laurel dress during the ABS-CBN ball back in 2019. The young actress looked every bit a modern day Maria Clara with her delicate bisque colored terno with blush accents.

The Filipiniana has been modernized to fit the changing fashion sense of Filipinas. It incorporates modern elements such as color and the use of patterns, but maintains traditional elements like hair styles that are still popular today. Preparing for your big day? We hope these designs have helped in designing your future bridal gown.

BarongsRUs also provides custom-fit Filipiniana designs in case you’re looking to own one anytime soon for you or for your entourage. We particularly love this and this.