When it comes to modern day dressing, we’ve all come to love the Western fashion’s type of things to wear such as crop tops, jeans and blazers. But as Filipinos, we also have our own ways to highlight our local heritage and integrate it into today’s modern fashion. We all know that a Filipiniana is a decades old fashion inherited by the Philippines from the Spaniards, but today’s generation has come up with ways to freshen up the history a bit – all for the name of fashion.

Here are some sartorial inspiration for you to see (and try) when wearing the modern Filipiniana outfit:

LOOK #1:

Barong Tagalog

Image courtesy of @kathleenross__

When it comes to attending weddings, gone are the days where you have to wear a dress just to fit into the occasion. Nowadays, you can wear your preferred outfit and still be on “theme”. For @kathleenross__, she definitely wore something she was comfortable wearing as a guest during a wedding. Here she’s seen wearing a pink Filipiniana-inspired top matched with some peach-colored trousers.

LOOK #2:

Barong Tagalog

Image courtesy of @justineabigail

If you’re looking to up the ante of your outerwear game, then find inspiration from @justineabigail who wore her white Filipiniana dress as an outerwear piece. It’s definitely a fashion hack if you live abroad – wearing a dress as a blazer. Steal her style with one of our barong dress, too!

LOOK #3: 

Barong Tagalog

Image courtesy of @heyaswang

Going for a casual trip to the coffee shop? Go for the cool look like @heyaswang who wore a Filipiniana-inspired crop top for a day in the city. She matched her cute top with some white trousers for a chic, effortless look.

LOOK #4:

Barong Tagalog

Image courtesy of @callmesienna

If you’re attending a formal event, then go for the classic look with a monochrome-inspired Filipiniana dress. For @callmesienna, she finished off her outfit with some sexy high-heeled sandals for that chic but sultry aura.

LOOK #5:

Barong Tagalog

Image courtesy of @sheenaleesp

Feeling a little bit of a #girlboss? Steal @sheenaleesp’s style by wearing an oversized Filipiniana-inspired top for that modern go-getter look. The outfit screams chic and modern at the same time, but definitely casts a boss vibe into it. It’s perfect when you need to attend a meeting with your business partners, or anything that defines serious.

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