Filipino movies and teleseryes have taken a different turn in the entertainment industry, leveling up the game both nationally and internationally. The historical teleserye, “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” has captured the attention of many due to its beautiful storyline, cinematography, and casting. Additionally, the series greatly emphasized the showcasing of Filipino traditional dresses. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the iconic Filipiniana looks that you might want to wear to formal events soon.

Julia Anne San Jose wearing a Traje de Mestiza

Simple and elegant – this is the image depicted of Julia Anne, one of the main characters in the series. She is usually seen wearing a traje de mestiza, a Filipiniana dress, made of brocade, piña, or jacquard, paired with various accessories such as a Victorian cameo choker, earrings, and a tambourine necklace. Truly, she stands out as a true “Ilustrado” woman.

Barbie Forteza in 1860’s Filipiniana Gown

In the first episode of the TV series, Barbie (also known as Klay) was seen wearing a yellow traditional dress that belonged to Maria Clara’s mother. The style of her dress was inspired by the 1860s Philippine costume, featuring a ball-shaped skirt and pleats in the “Siete Cuchillos” style. This sophisticated clothing emphasized Klay’s strength.


Barbie in a Traje de Mestiza

Of course, Klay, Barbie’s character, has also worn one of the Filipino traditional dresses – a traje de mestiza gown. This national costume is made of piña or pineapple fiber and consists of a collarless embroidered blouse paired with bell-shaped sleeves and a balloon-shaped skirt. Like Maria Clara, Klay looks sophisticated and elegant with the panuelo and tapis as clothing additions.


Baro’t Saya for Andrea Torres

As Andrea is portraying the character of Sisa, she is expected to wear attire that mosat lower-class people wore in the past. The designer of the Filipiniana dress aimed to enhance the costume’s beauty, however, by incorporating unique elements from the clothing worn by “Indio” women while working in the fields or doing their daily tasks. In the TV series, Andrea wore a baro’t saya costume, adorned with a “tapis” to emphasize her status.


The Persistence of Filipino Fashion Continues

The Maria Clara and Ibarra TV series has made a significant impact on both national and international viewers. It has marked a milestone in the Philippine entertainment industry, especially in traditional clothing and design. With the inclusion of various types of Philippine costumes in the series, it is undeniable that Filipino clothing is unique and fashionable. So if you are searching for high-quality Filipiniana gowns for sale or other Filipiniana wedding dresses, Barong R Us is the place to go.