In the Philippines, the Barong Tagalog has been the default fashion choice of Filipino men of all ages. This outfit is usually seen in Filipino weddings, ceremonies, and office-related events. It’s the country’s traditional outfit for men and symbolizes the motherland’s deep cultural roots and heritage.

In current times, the essence of Barong Tagalog has been enhanced through new adaptations. Barong Tagalogs are now available in different colors and designs. Moreover, people can now enjoy Barong’s beauty in all styles, according to their preferences. So if you’re going to formal events, you can showcase a unique appeal through our artistic Barong Tagalogs that go in variety.

Celebrating formal events with a distinct beauty

In formal events, it’s common to see Barong Tagalogs in white. However, at Barongs R Us, we ensure that our dear customers enjoy a wide array of selections. We provide outfits that go in different embroidery and clothing details. We aim to allow our customers to get clad with Barong Tagalogs that stand out.

Furthermore, our outfits are top-notch and versatile. You can wear the Barong Tagalog in any setting you want. Our business promotes Filipino heritage through modified traditional Filipino outfits for a fresh impression. It’s your time to explore the modern Barong Tagalogs and rock it anytime you want!

Our Barongs in a variety

We proudly introduce you to the various products that we recommend. Each of these has its characteristics that make them unique and special.

Custom-made Barong Tagalog

At Barongs R Us, we also offer custom-made Barong Tagalogs. We allow our customers to work with us to meet their clothing preferences. We do the measurements for you and let our artistry work for your desired choice. We ensure that every body type will have the most suitable outfit.

Custommade barong tagalog

Custommade barong tagalog

Custommade barong tagalog

Colored Barong

It’s time to break the norm of wearing typical white Barong Tagalogs! As mentioned above, we offer Barong Tagalogs in various colors. We want our customers to look dashing with a refreshing aura. As a result, we made a range of colors for your Barong Tagalog. On top of that, every colored Barong also goes with different artistic embroideries for additional characters.

Here are a couple of colored Barong Tagalogs for you:

Burgundy Barong Tagalog 3248

Burgundy Barong Tagalog

Gold Jusilyn Barong Tagalog 3341

Gold Jusilyn Barong Tagalog

Blue Jusilyn Barong Tagalog 3320

Blue Jusilyn Barong Tagalog

Monochromatic Lavender Barong Tagalog 3238

Monochromatic Lavender Barong Tagalog

Green Barong Tagalog 3311

Green Barong Tagalog

Black Barong Tagalog 1037B

Black Barong Tagalog

Brown Barong Tagalog 3015

Brown Barong Tagalog

Get All These At Barongs R Us

Looking for the best Philippine Barong Tagalog clothes store? At Barongs R Us, you can definitely assure you’ll get the best outfits. We have been specializing in making the best quality Filipino traditional outfits for both men and women. We don’t settle with the simplest form of fashion; we make sure to put in maximum artistry before our valuable customers have it.

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