Christmas is officially around the corner… and we’re a tad bit excited to say hello to December. But before anything else, let’s all take the time to enlist our Christmas wishlists that we secretly want for our future wedding. Today, let’s focus on barong Tagalogs and all the amazing pieces we want to add to cart right now.

When it comes to choosing when to wear your barong Tagalogs, we’re pretty sure men out there are a little bit confused if it’s the perfect piece to wear to such an occasion. Should you wear a barong to a baptism? To a birthday? To attend a political friend’s evening party? To your ex’s wedding, perhaps? But since it’s Christmas season, it’s pretty safe to say that you can buy anything you want in lieu of 2023. Check out the barong Tagalog wishlists that we have below:

barong Tagalog

ITEM #1:Black Barong Tagalog 3137

A black barong is one of our wishlists this Christmas. It creates a clean and elegant look that will require no further style adjustments. Also, it is ideal for different occasions, whether formal or casual. A black organza makes things look more modern than its barong Tagalog counterparts.

ITEM #2: Gray Barong Tagalog 3013

Another piece in our wishlist is a gray barong. It’s not too modern, but not too traditional-looking as well. A gray barong Tagalog is easy to pair with classic pieces such as with black pants or slacks, as well as with black shoes for a clean look. It’s definitely an “add to cart” material this Christmas.

ITEM #3: Pina-Jusi Barong Tagalog 2005

Last on our wishlist is a classic white barong Tagalog. It makes for a very traditional look, but it’s sleek and classy which we love. A white barong fits in well with most formal events, whether you’re wearing it in the office, a party or during a wedding. It’s basically a go-to look that we need in our closet. Definitely an “add to cart” material, too.


barong tagalog

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Keep your barongs in tip top shape! Here are a few tips and tricks:

black barong tagalog

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  • Select the perfect fit for you. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the proper fit is everything. You can’t just wear whatever barong is at your disposal as long as you can fit in it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move much, or the excess fabric will keep getting in the way.
  • Choose an undershirt that matches your barong. Nothing fashion faux pas than by wearing a red shirt underneath a white translucent barong. Barongs are made with breathable and translucent fabrics such as abaca, cocoon, jusi, and piña which means that what you wear under your barong is visible, and that’s why it should be put into consideration when you’re dressing up.
  • Feel comfortable with your barong. We all know that a barong is just a piece of clothing you wear to an event, but if you’re not comfortable with it, the whole event goes down with you. So you have to keep in mind that you need to be able to breathe, relax, enjoy and have fun in your barong Tagalog.

Who else is excited for Christmas? Add these barong Tagalog pieces to your Christmas wishlists, too! Find more custom-fit pieces on Barongs R Us.