Get all your questions about wearing barongs answered, from when to wear them to what to wear them with. Let BarongsRUs be your guide to looking great effortlessly!

  1. Wondering when it’s best to wear a barong to a formal event instead of a suit?

When it comes to weddings, choosing the right barong depends on the invitation. For business attire, you have the option of a suit and tie or a linen barong. For more formal events, a darker suit or a piña jusi barong paired with black trousers and lace-up shoes is appropriate. And for black-tie affairs, consider a piña jusi barong with tuxedo pants and patent slippers. Many of our customers opt for a white barong, as it complements most wedding motifs perfectly.

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  1. Wondering about the right barong for different times of the day?

Your choice of barong varies with the occasion and time. For morning weddings or daytime events, a formal linen barong paired with cufflinks and either dark grey or black trousers is fitting. However, black barongs are typically reserved for formal affairs like weddings or state functions, particularly during the day.

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  1. Where can you find top-notch off-the-rack formal barongs?

There are a few options to consider, a designer option is available but tends to be pricier. Our top recommendation? Head to a skilled tailor, just like us! We collaborate directly with Filipino artisans to craft our barongs, ensuring quality and supporting local craftsmanship.

  1. What key details should you consider when choosing a barong?

When selecting a barong, pay attention to its fit and comfort. Ensure it drapes well, with comfortable armholes and a hem that reaches just past your fingertips. Opt for French cuffs for added elegance, pairing it with tuxedo pants and patent shoes. While a camisa chino is traditional, some tailors offer long-sleeve inner shirts as alternatives.

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  1. What do you need to complete your barong outfit?

Wear a white undershirt and black pants. Add cufflinks and knee-high socks. Finish with shiny shoes or lace-up shoes.


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  1. Why are colored barongs a fantastic choice, particularly in 2024, when unique and trending looks are in demand?

Colored barongs are a fantastic choice, especially in 2024 when unique and trending looks are all the rage. They offer a refreshing twist to traditional attire, allowing you to stand out and express your individual style. Whether you opt for bold hues or stick to sophisticated monochromatic colors, colored barongs are sure to make a statement at any event or occasion.

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  1. Is it possible to wear a barong multiple times? How should it be laundered?

Barongs are crafted from delicate fabrics that require special care. While they can be worn multiple times, it’s essential to maintain their crispness by steaming them after each wear. If washing is necessary, it should be done by hand using a gentle detergent like Woolite. After washing, lay the barong flat to dry to preserve its shape and quality.