Alampay is a traditional Filipino garment usually paired with Filipiniana dresses, gowns, and sets. This clothing piece offers elegance and practicality, perfect for any cool and humid weather. Its conservative appearance gives it a stunning look in the traditional manner. These days, alampays are incorporated into ensembles to add warmth and style to the wearer.

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Understanding the Alampay

The roots of these beautiful Filipiniana outerwear pieces can go back further than the country’s colonial period. Abaca and pineapple fibers are the common cloth materials for creating these amazing masterpieces. Most Filipino designers precisely create these garments and decorate them with intricate embroidery to give a stylish and modernized twist.

Types of Alampays

Since the alampay is a long-standing traditional Filipino garment, the clothing piece has changed over time. In fact, it has traditional and modern takes that best elevate any look for any occasion. In that regard, several alampays are available, usually white or beige, while modern pieces are typically colorful.

Other than the traditional and modern variants, these pieces have various styles and colors that perfectly pair with Filipiniana dresses. Variations include different fabrics such as abaca, pineapple fibers, organza, and piña-organza. But in most cases, an ideal fabric option for alampays is piña-organza, a translucent fabric from pineapple leaf fibers.

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Alampay Styles for Glamorous Occasions

The alampay adds a certain level of elegance to the overall ensemble. This outerwear piece best contributes as an ensemble with its form and intricate embroidery, which boasts traditional Filipino culture and showcases talent and creativity.

And since alampays are made of numerous fabrics, the wearer can choose which fabric best suits the occasion. Moreover, incorporating embellishments to elevate the look further is another option. Accessories like pearls and brooches give an elegant appearance, which basically contributes to contemporary events and gatherings.

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Coordinating Alampays with Formal Attires

Since traditional Filipino pieces lean more on the formal side, the alampay can easily elevate a simple blouse or dress to fit the occasion. This piece is best worn with Filipiniana dresses like the barong saya. By integrating alampays into other traditional Filipino clothing, the overall outfit creates a modern and chic appearance. Moreover, there is never a downside to accessorizing, may it be pearl or capiz earrings and necklaces. In fact, it pays homage to traditional Filipino formal wear.

Alampays for Weddings and Special Occasions

There has been a rising trend of having contemporary weddings with a traditional Filipino theme in recent years. While Barongs have consistently been a staple in weddings, worn by the groom or guests, the barong saya has not been worn much. Fortunately, numerous celebrity weddings have brought the trend back of wearing a Filipiniana gown during their special day.

To participate in the traditional Filipino wedding theme, weddinggoers utilize alampays to add to their overall look and even wear baro’t saya. Incorporating an alampay allows attendants to follow the theme, feeling confident and beautiful in their outfits without outshining the bride.

Where to Get Quality Alampays?

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