The Filipiniana gown has been a staple in national culture for different reasons. This clothing piece significantly impacts the country’s culture and fashion, which many Filipinos have embraced since the beginning. Over the years, designers have contributed to the gown’s style evolution. Here are the top Filipina dress trends this year!

Top Trends in Filipiniana Gowns

The evolution of traditional Filipiniana dresses over the years has been well-documented, from the classic conservative style to modern and daring looks without compromising their original roots. That said, let’s delve into some of these stylish clothes.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Fabrics

Filipiniana originally used fabrics like piña, jusi, silk, and more. While these are ideal for the Philippine weather, more sustainable and affordable fabric options, such as eco-friendly cloth like organic cotton and linen, are now available. The movement towards being more environmentally friendly has influenced designers and boutiques to offer these alternatives.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Traditional gowns and dresses are known for their neutral colors, such as whites and beiges. However, over the years, there has been a shift to more bold and vibrant colors. Numerous celebrities and public figures wear colorful Filipinianas that embrace traditional culture and the contemporary period. Some popular colors incorporate the colors of the Philippine flag: red, blue, and yellow.

Fusion of the Traditional and Modern Elements

Though it’s nice to see contemporary takes on traditional Filipino formal wear, the main goal remains to embrace its roots. Talented designers and boutiques have found a way to blend the classic Filipiniana silhouette with modern cuts. A few notable adaptations include asymmetry, high-low hems, and off-the-shoulder styles.

Intricate Embroidery and Handcrafted Details

While embroidery and handcrafted details on Filipiniana gowns have been present for a long time, they have returned stronger than ever. Over the years, the style has also embraced minimalism. The artisanal craftsmanship in these gowns has been well-appreciated. Moreover, seeing more designers and boutiques dedicate more time to the small details that make these gowns is nice.

 Filipiniana Gown

Minimalist and Understated Elegance

Some wearers prefer minimalism over intricate details. Over time, numerous women have chosen to embrace a simple gown and elevate the look with accessories that complement the dress. This style option typically boasts the signature butterfly sleeves without complex embroidery or beading.

Innovative Use of Traditional Textiles

Filipiniana dresses come in different styles, colors, and fabrics. Wearers can choose a fabric that matches the event’s weather, making these gowns highly versatile. While others might opt for more affordable and eco-friendly options, some prefer traditional textiles. Fabrics like piña and jusi are still popularly used by designers and boutiques as part of their collections.

Personalized and Customizable Designs

While others may find gowns that are easily accessible to their liking, some have more specific preferences. The good news is that many offer personalized and customizable gowns to bring the client’s vision to life.

Get the Perfect Traditional Gown for Every Occasion

Filipiniana gowns boast elegance in multiple styles, and you deserve to get the best designs. These trends might be projected to rise in 2024, but these gowns are beautiful, whether traditional or trendy. Despite this, traditional dresses are timeless and would fit numerous occasions. To know more about these gowns, check out our qualitative dress collection here!