You might think that since barong is a traditional and formal men’s wear, you will see the same traditional and typical designs over and over again. But think again. You will also be surprised that babies, children, and even women can wear barongs specially designed for them.

It is made of thin cloth materials like Jusi,Jusilyn, Organza, and Piña that is perfect for hot and humid weather conditions. But it is also ideal for creating more unique designs that you will surely love. You will be surprised that it does not only match the hot weather but also matches your taste and style. So without further ado, here are uniquely designed Barong Tagalogs that you will surely love to wear.

Glow More With Blue Barong Tagalog Designs

Barong Tagalog

Barong Tagalog

Blue barong Tagalogs are popular because of their unique glossy look. Its glowing effect makes you stand out among the rest. There are lots of embroidered designs and shades of blue to choose from. Made from 100% high-quality Jusi fabric, these barongs have one of a kind look.

A Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold Blongs

Ahoy matey! I see ye find me treasure! Well, it’s no pirate treasure. Aside from its painstakingly detailed embroidery, it becomes more dazzling in its golden colour. Now you will not only look fantastic but stand out in meetings and special occasions.If you want to be bold, be gold.

U Shape Embroidered Barong Tagalog

U Shape Embroidered Barong Tagalog

Wait a minute. Is that a cowboy or a Spanish caballero? However you may put it, we can obviously tell what’s unique in this barong. Evident in its U shaped embroidered design, it surely gives a unique and bold fashion statement. The fabric is made of 100% high-quality organza. They come in black and white in color.

Filipino-Chinese Fusion Barong Tagalogs


Filipino-Chinese Fusion Barong TagalogsAre you ready for some kung-fu action? Designed with a Chinese frog fastener like embroidery design at front, aligned with its buttons, it was indeed a perfect Filipino-Chinese fusion. Who would have thought that barongs can be that flexible when it comes to designs? Not to mention its elegant Chinese collar neckline, it was a stylish and authentic design that you would surely love to wear.

Indigenously Modern Brown Barong Tagalog

Modern Brown Barong Tagalog

Not the typical Barong Tagalog design you can see all the time. It was hand-painted with a unique symmetrical design. Combined with abaca like borders lining beside its halfway front buttons up to the shoulders, it projects an indigenous yet modern appearance. It’s a perfect impression of corporate meetings and significant events.

The Fiery Burgundy Barong Tagalog

Burgundy Barong Tagalog

You are not burning in flames; you’re just hot looking when you wear this one. Its unique white prints across its embroidery give a perfect accent to the barong. You will definitely look dashing.

Baby Boy’s White Christening Barong

Who says children can’t go formal on very special occasions? You wouldn’t want to see them wearing baby rompers or pajamas while on Christening. It’s nice to know that designers have this unique white barong specially made for boys. Now you can bring your little ones to special occasions. Just don’t forget the diapers.

barong gown for ChristeningEven girls have their own barong gown for Christening, and it’s a one of a kind design, making it look so girly in a barong material. But still do please bring their diapers.


Uniquely Designed Barongs for Women

Uniquely Designed Barongs for Women

Uniquely Designed Barongs for Women

Who says only men can wear barong?  Women can now go equally formal with men when it comes to barong. It’s definitely barong, created from the finest Piña-Organza Fabric, but you can clearly see its female aesthetics. The delicate embroidery, ivory buttons, and the remarkable neckline that perfectly matches expensive jewelry is truly the touch of royalty.